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At Wildwood Llewellins we have a mix of older known bloodlines, as well as some of the up and coming bloodlines that are producing outstanding dogs. My dogs are all wild birddogs first, trial dogs second.

Wild bird hunting lasts approximately one month in Ohio, so to give the dogs the action and experience they desire, we have expanded to field trialing. My dog’s records speak for themselves.

Buddy on a nice solid point!

I have invested a great deal of time and money looking for the bloodlines of Llewellins that suits my needs. Versatile dogs that can win field trials and switch to wild bird hunting without missing a beat.

My dogs are also good pets. You can have the best of both worlds.

Considering fuel prices and travel expenses, my prices are lower then most kennels to help offset the cost. This is no reflection on the quality of my dogs. I am very proud of them.

If you would like any information about Wildwood Llewellin or our dogs please call. I am available 6pm – 9pm EDT. If not available please leave a message and I will get back to you shortly. For more information about Wildwood Llewellins, please see our Contact Us page.